Nurse Practitioner, Stress Solutions Expert: Consulting, Programs, Privately

About Christine: Stress Solutions Expert

Christine Anne has been involved in the health care field all her life. Her Dad, a Navy Medical Corpman in 2 wars, showed her how to suture using a baseball when she was 8 years old.He told stories of using his Vermont country boy sensibiltiy when resourses on board ship at sea were scarce.  Christine has followed this tradition by becoming a Nurse and then a                           Nurse Practitioner/Educator with a bent for sensible, natural wellness.

Christine's 25 years of work in health care has taken her to twelve states as well as Canada and Germany. She teaches publically, corporately and privatelyIntegrated Stress Solutions, Natural Wellness, Parenting, Child Birth Classes, Emotional Intelligence Practices, Energy Tools for Life and more. All of these could could be boiled down to, "Getting to Know and Help Yourself-Anytime-Any place."  See Events page for more details.

Contact Christine to assist you or your organization to attain a higher level of health, harmony and peace of mind resulting in increased increased satisfaction and productivity.  or  314-750-6876

Christine’s also has private practice.  People in any kind of distress, suffering from  pain, chronic illness, digestive issues, depression, anxiety, relational or parenting issues  come for relief and healing.  They find it by looking at their whole life in relation to their symptoms and issues at hand. Interventions include integrated stress solutions, energy balancing, emotional intelligence processes and an action plan with ongoing support. For help contact  or call 314-750-6876

Christine Anne’s credentials include a Masters degree in Nursing, and a BSN with a dual degree in Child Development and Education. She has over 25 years of experience as a  Nurse Practitioner, Educator and staff nurse, including critical care, psychiatric, behavioral health, mother-baby, cardiac and family clinical practice.

Her broad-based education and experience has provided her the opportunity to work with all ages of children and adults — clinically in both medical and psychiatric settings, and professionally as an educator — as well as being an active community service volunteer. 

As a writer, speaker, and educator with training and experience in health care and natural wellness, Christine's educational programs have been authorized by the American Nurses Credentialing Center for continuing education credits for nurses.

Contact Christine Anne at 314-750-6876 for more information