The Brain Train - Part 2

“ Power Tools for Life, Health and Happiness”

Continued from 10/19/10

You can start noticing your body feelings, emotions and thoughts. If they do not serve you  it is time to re-train your brain.

Your brain has many pathways, tracks, developing from conception, called neural networks. They create learning and memory so you can decide what to do.  The more you repeat a thought or an action, the more developed that track becomes. It may even become like a grand central train station with many tracks leading to it.

I work with children in a Child Psychiatric Hospital. This true story of one boy exemplifies these principles.

John is a small, tough 10-year boy  whose parents were abusive, and neglectful.  From his traumatic early childhood experiences John perceives most situations as a threat. He believes he must fight to protect himself and his brother.   In foster care with his brother, he physically attacked and threatened so many people that he was taken out of a foster home away from his brother, and placed in a residential facility.  John was then sent to our facility for repeatedly attacking patients, staff and being restrained multiple times.

When I asked John if he would be willing to make a decision to not hit and fight staff. He replied, " Yes, most of the time."  When I queried, could he possibly be willing to consider all of the time, he replied with bowed head,  " I can't, I am addicted to my rage and I cannot stop."

What is addiction? It is to continue to do something that you know is harmful to you or others.  Is there something in your life that you know is detrimental that you keep doing anyway.  Eating unhealthy food, eat or drink too much, overwork, perfectionism that allows no one to relax, need to control people, places and things so you feel comfortable. Check in with yourself to see if there is something that gets in the way of your highest good. Make a list.

To be continued...