The Brain Train-Part 4


The other part of Train the Brain is asking for help. Today we continue on with J’s story:

One day I asked John if he believed in God.  He said, “Yes”.  I asked him if thought God was powerful. John answered  ‘Yes’.  Then I asked if he would like to learn a way to have God’s power in his life. Now John was deeply attentive.  ‘ How?’ he asked.  “

Do you care to know my 2 best prayers?” I asked. He nodded yes. 

“ John, this is very easy. Simply pray, “HELP” as soon as you feel the body talk feelings  or or start having upset and angry feelings. Asking for help releases God’s power in your life to help you focus to remember how you choose to be, what you choose to do, and have the willpower to do it.  Then after it is over, the next best prayer is “Thank you.”  If those are the only prayers you ever said, it would be enough.” 

 As John began practicing these many times a day, his emotions became more stable and his behavior became safer. 

 On transfer day, John was being sent to yet another facility to live, far from his only brother who was in a foster home.   Walking out to the transport vehicle, John was wearing slippers (his only footwear),  carrying a small,  almost empty gym bag that contained all his possessions in the world.   As I looked down at the solemn, stoic brave little soldier marching off into the unknown, I saw that he had his hands together and was tightly clasping his index and middle fingers as if for dear life.   My heart lurched and tears came to my eyes. The training had worked. He was helping himself.  

I put my hand on his shoulder as a gesture of support as I had done at other times. He looked up at me and fiercely said, " Don't touch me! "   My eyes moisten even now as I remember the look in his eyes.  I do not know, but it appeared to me to be deep fear of vulnerability, of allowing feelings of being cared about, which he was painfully leaving behind as he was about to be a total stranger and new place. 

Next time, we will go more into the discussion about how negative thoughts influence emotions, and how those thoughts come to manifest themselves in the mind in the first place.