The Brain Train-Part 5

 Who  or What is Driving this Train???

  The media is well aware of psychology, using it extensively (especially in advertising), to shape beliefs so you will buy their product. The media is selling a feeling you want to have, promising their product or service will deliver it.  

You do what your brain has been trained to do, consciously and unconsciously. From birth, before you had any language or analytical thinking skills, you learned what actions got you what you wanted.  You were hungry and cried. Hopefully you got fed right away.   

If an infant and child’s needs are not well met, the brain learns to distrust. Then, even when needs are well met later in childhood or adulthood, the brain subliminally is filtering thoughts of distrust and what you must do to stay safe, survive, and provide for yourself. These thoughts influence emotions, opinions and ultimately your decisions about how you are, others are, and how life is. 

 Abraham Maslow is well known, (remember Psych 101) for his hierarchy of needs. 

We can line up Erickson’s stages of Development with Maslow’s hierarchy. 

 If a child’s basic physical, emotional, mental or spiritual needs are not met, then the child is forced into a survival and safety mode. Whatever anyone says or whatever happens, they are on the defensive. Now what impact does this have on your life? What fears, obsessions, and compulsions does it create? How do these affect your life, relationships, career, and humanity as a whole?

 There are wisdom words that say, “ I do what I do not want to do and I do not do what I want to do. What is to be done?”  The answer is twofold: Retrain your brain, and ask for help. 

Erik Erickson in his well-known stages of human development says that this experience of getting needs met promptly as a child creates the experience of trust. How can we lay down new track, or switch tracks, or even keep a train from barreling through our main station?

In the next, entry, we will explore “The Tool Kit” you need to keep the Train from losing control.