The Brain Train-Part 6

 Integrative Stress Solutions

There are many ways to access the your body-mind life systems.  It can be thinking another thought or telling the truth about the situation. It can physical like holding fingers, getting something to eat to balance our blood sugar, or asking for a hug. It can be social: Talk to someone who can be a loving positive support. This can be called “slicing the pies of life.

 Have a tool kit of power tools for life.  

Here is a way to plan in advance for when temptation hits:

1.                    Hold fingers 

2.                    Say a slogan 

3.                    Call someone 

4.                    Self-assessment. Ask yourself, “What do I need?”  Food, rest, social support, nurturing? Or do you need recreation, physical activity, and fun?

Do you have a plan in place to meet these needs on a regular basis? 

 Training is a process, just like preparing to be an Olympic athlete. It requires practice over and over. Are you willing?