Emotions and Pain: Can not be Rationalized.

There’s a time for talking. But you can’t do intellectualizing when there’s a physical issue and an emotional issue. Now you have seen this one a million times: Someone’s crying and someone’s trying to talk them out of it. Well you shouldn’t feel bad. I mean this doesn’t happen very often. Emotions--There’s no line between here at some point. If I’m just really sad, all I need is you to acknowledge I’m really sad--Validate. "I’m really sad." \

You can’t talk people out of sad feelings, because they’re so into their feelings that they’re not in their thoughts. That can come later when they calm down.  And sometimes it’s a spiritual solution. I work a lot with people. I don’t have answers for anyone; they need to find their own answers. And, to me every culture through history has believed there’s something bigger than us. And maybe it’s just inside of us.

And one of the reasons to sit and be quiet and hold your fingers is to get in touch with that. Maybe I need to say to the child: “Why don’t you just go take a break and be quiet. Sit down, and just think about it. We do time out. Time out is a tried-and-true tradition. Get the child out of the mix. Get them alone so he can get in touch with himself. We have a spiritual nature. So it’s about letting them find their own answers and make their choices as much as is safe and appropriate for their age level.

 If they’re tired, take a nap. If they’re hyperactive, too energetic, what can we do? We can provide a physical environment with less stimulus: We can turn the TV off, turn the music down. We might need to hold them. We might need to talk. We might do some Brain Gym.--This is your option. This is slicing the pies of life. No matter what happens, you probably can pick from one of these areas appropriately.