Energy Touch Points- Plug in to Boost Immune System

The ancient art of Acupuncture sees the body as a system of energy pathways as specific and complex as your nervous system.  It identifies many points on the body that act of energy transformers and fuses. The theory is that these energy pathways can become stagnated or blocked by injury, illness, negative attitudes, environmental factors, or unhealthy life style habits that do not give the body-mind what it needs, like good food, rest, exercise, love, fun, quiet time with self and God, When energy is stagnated, or blocked, you will have symptoms, physical, emotional or thinking. This might look like pain of a headache, indigestion, joint, anxiety, depression, worry, foggy or forgetful thinking, and fatigue. There are many ways to clear energy, using needles or hands at specific touch points is one of them.Your Immune or anti-biotic touch point buttons are located on your back at the top of your shoulder blades, one on each side. How to access this Power?  Use your built in JUMPER CABLES."  Those are your very own Hands.  Take your LEFT hand and put it over your Right Shoulder like a coat hanger. Walk you fingers down till you are at the top of the shoulder blade.  Feel around for a tender spot. If you find one, hold there. If not, just hold what is comfortable.  Now set you JUMPER CABLE RIGHT hand and set it in you lap where your Right leg hooks onto your body.Just hold these positions for 2-3 minutes, then reverse and hold the other side for 2-3 minutes. Relax, breath deeply, think happy thoughts.  You can do this as often as you wish to boost your immune system to ward off those winter germ illnesses floating around.  Make this a daily practice before you get out of bed in the morning and when you lay down to sleep.