The Five Minute Breakfast

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 Five Minute Breakfast

Do you want to feel better, think better and lose or maintain a healthy attractive weight? Start eating breakfast everyday.

If you could really make a hearty breakfast in five minutes, would you do it?

The Nine Bite Breakfast: Poached eggs on toast: A simple quick hearty breakfast even a child can make.


  • Put one or two pieces of whole wheat bread in the toaster.
  • Get a cereal size glass bowl. Crack 2 eggs into the bowl. Add 1/3-cup water.
  • Put in microwave.  Cover. Cook for about 50-60 seconds, depending on your microwave.  Caution: Overcooked eggs POP and make a mess. SO COVER
  • Yolks will be soft, whites should be solid. Cook a few more seconds if whites are not solid.
  • While eggs are cooking get a  half a piece of fruit, (banana, apple, orange) and a  drink.
  • Drain off water or scoop out eggs with slotted spoon. Put eggs on the toast.
  • Sit down. Cut into 9 bites… done in five minutes and out the door. 
  •  (Going Low Carb?-Just eat the eggs in the bowl and skip the toast. Add flax seed oil for your healthy fat.