Immune Booster Vitamin C. How Much? How Often

Vitamin C is foundational to the immune system as an antioxident, supportive of white blood cells, (our army to fight germs), necessary ingredient for important brain Neuromtransmitters and much more. It is part of the matrix of each cell and the fluids between Cells.  The human body does not make or store Vitamin C.   The body can only absorp 1000mg at a time, so that is the most that should be taken at a time.  It is water soluable, so excess is excreted in the urine.  The only side effect of too much is that the stools can get loose.  The national minimum daily requirment is less than 100 mg.    Linus Pauling's extensive research  recommended more. My experience of 35 years of nutritional study and experience with Vitamin C with adults and children agrees.In our stressfull, chemical laden society, under normal circumstances, Adults and children over 10 can easily use 500mg twice and day.  Children under 10 at least 250mg once or twice a day. If one is starting to get sick, these doses can be doubled.   Vitamin C is available in pills, capsules, chewable and powder and is best absorbed when combined with Rose Hips or Acerola.  For children I prefer chewables with Acerola or the powered E-mergen-C power put in water or juice.  I keep several packets in my purse to use at the first sign of a sniffle or scratchy throat.  Please contact Christine for a Consultation for any immune issues.  Coming next week: Foods that support the immune system.. winter is here.