Integrative Stress Solutions Means What?

What are Integrative Stress Solutions?

The dictionary defines Integrate as: To make a whole by bringing all the parts together, unify.

 Integration: the organization of organic, psychological, or social traits and tendencies of a personality into a harmonious whole  


Christine Anne’s work is about the unity of the body systems and life. It is based on recognizing and attending to all the parts of our human needs that make up our whole being. WE do this by attending to our basic human needs. A simple way to look at these needs is as a PIE with slices.


Think of a warm fragrant Juicy cherry pie. Each slice with cherries and crust is one of the needs. The juice that baths and moves between all the cherries is energy.  The word Pies is our guide to remember these areas of slices of our life.  P is for physical, I for intellectual, E for emotional & energetic, S for social and spiritual (PIES).


As you look at your pie, your job is to slice the pieces into sizes appropriate to the needs of the day. Every day invites a new opportunity to slice your PIES of Life. How well are you attending to each of your Life slices?   To be continued next week.