Look for the Good Stuff : in Yourself

 LOOK for the GOOD STUFF and ACKNOWLEGE IT !!!  Mission Possible                                 How often do you allow a moment to look for what you have done well and then  pat yourself on the back, basking in self appreciation?   It could be something you did like a job well done, being on time, nurturing yourself with mid day rest, nurturing others with a hug or affirming word, exercizing, eating well, keeping your word. You also get credit for how you are being, like staying calm in a difficult situation, beng patient, focused, trustworthy, kind to yourself   & others.  Just as children thrive on positive attention, as fellow members of humanity, so do we.                                   Mission Possible this week: GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT for 3 Things you do well each DAY. Notice how you feel each time.   FREE GIFT: Download the 3-3-3 Journal page as a format.