Noticing what is unfolding before you.

Life and Death: Signs of what is unfolding require noticing, putting the pieces together and action. It does not require rationalizing, such as,  “It does not look urgent,” or, “I am too busy,” or “I am tired.”

I am not God, yet I do have a part to play.  Yesterday was a first in my long nursing career.
One of my patients went into respiratory arrest. Gratefully God and the training works.  Being in charge, I did all the right things quickly and so did everyone else and the child is well. Was it my fault...?—No. Could a bit more research have helped?--Yes.  The key factor is that the "little inner voice"  was nudging, while life on the unit had me at a rapid boil in chaos soup. One more time to remember: There is always time to listen to the still small voice and respond as needed.