Immune Boosters

Neti what? Why?

The Neti Pot- An ancient practice for all travelers, allergy and sinus sufferers.  

Drip, drip- Sniff, sniff- Cough, cough.  

Does that sound familiar?

Energy Touch Points- Plug in to Boost Immune System

The ancient art of Acupuncture sees the body as a system of energy pathways as specific and complex as your nervous system.  It identifies many points on the body that act of energy transformers and fuses.

Eat Food Alive to Thrive: Eating for a Strong Immune System

Winter power foods are citris fruits like oranges, grapefruit, tangerines; frozen blueberries, carrots cooked and raw, yogurt, leafy green vegtables, the darker the green the more nutritious, warm hearty soups, complex carbohydrates like whole grains, brown rice, oatmeal, Lean protein. Remember you do need healthy fats every day with your foods. Use olive oil, add flax oil to salad or veggies or oatmeal. In winter the fat helps give us energy to stay warm.

Immune Booster Vitamin C. How Much? How Often

Vitamin C is foundational to the immune system as an antioxident, supportive of white blood cells, (our army to fight germs), necessary ingredient for important brain Neuromtransmitters and much more. It is part of the matrix of each cell and the fluids between Cells.  The human body does not make or store Vitamin C.  

Acidophilus: When to take them.

Whenever you take antibiotics or have diarrhea, your acidophilus cultures are depleted. Another way you can know if your cultures are low, is to look in the mirror, stick out your tongue, and look at it. Your tongue should look evenly smooth and pink. If the tip or sides are red or scalloped, if there is a white coating, or it is red and glossy, it is a sign your cultures are low and you need to supplement. You can eat lots of plain yoghurt every day. If this is not your taste, you can purchase a supplement containing at least two different cultures.

Acidophilus Probiotics: Why do we need them?

What makes Acidophilus foundational to the immune system?  Acidophilus is also called a PROBIOTIC.  There are many strains of these friendly bacteria.These  friendly bacteria live from mouth to anus, all through the Gastro Intestinal tract, vagina and other parts.  They help maintain the body's delicate acid-base balance.