Immune Booster Vitamin C. How Much? How Often

Vitamin C is foundational to the immune system as an antioxident, supportive of white blood cells, (our army to fight germs), necessary ingredient for important brain Neuromtransmitters and much more. It is part of the matrix of each cell and the fluids between Cells.  The human body does not make or store Vitamin C.  

Allergy Season is Here!

Autumn is breezing in with lots of falling leaves and allergy season.  Allergies are about an IMMUNE reaction.  Your immune system can be strengthened in several ways.

Nutritionally with foods and vitamin supplements. Vitamin C and Acidophilus are the bottom row of nutritional bricks for your immune system. Eat more fruits and vegetables with Vitamin C; Oranges, grapefruit, broccoli, plain Yogurt. drink kefir.

To supplement consider:  Vitamin C with Rose Hips or Acerola. 1000mg several times a day for adults. Children can safely take 500mg three or four times a day. Chewable are available.