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Integrative Stress Solutions:

Christine  Anne  M.S. Nurse Practitioner    
Stress Solutions Expert:  Programs, Consulting, Private Sessions 
  • Is stress affecting your life, health, relationships, parenting, or work?
  • Is stress affecting your  Bottom Line with productivity losses related to employee problems, pesonal, health and family issues?
  • If you can say yes to any of these questions, Integrative Stress Solutions (ISS) can help.    ISS are simple cutting edge strategies and coping skills that can be used anytime or place to Calm, Focus and Energize. They embody all the aspects of life,
  • ISS can be presented as customized Corporate Trainings, Wellness Programs, Parenting Classes  and Private Sessions. Christine can train your trainers and provide ongoing support.
  •  Ask Christine for a consultation about how Integrative Stress Solutions can help you privately or corporately with Life, Health, Family, Business or Health Care Practice.    Contact  Christine Anne at:  or call 314-750-6876 or            256-508-4723
    Christine‚Äôs  Private Practice. 
  •  If you are suffering from any kind of  stress related symptons, pain, chronic illness, digestive issues, depression, anxiety, relational or parenting issues  contact Christine for relief.
  • This is accomplished by  looking at  your whole life in relation to symptoms and issues at hand. Interventions include integrated stress solutions, energy balancing, emotional intelligence processes and an action plan with ongoing support. For help contact  or call 314-750-6876 or  256-508-4723
    •   Integrative Stresss Solutions 
  • Bring Sensible Multidisciplinary Approaches based on current medical and neuroscience of how the body- mind works together creating health or illness..          
  •  Create a change process to bring balance back into personal lives and organizations.   The result is physical health, mental balance/focus, and the ability to work and play well with others. This is a win- win solution. Businesses have more productivity, increasing their bottom line. Staff who feel well are healthier, happier, having more job satisfaction increasing productivity, Patients get well and stay well.
  • Stress is relieved and managed with unique combination of coping skills using self-assessment tools, emotional intelligence/cognitive processes, energy tools, and ongoing support. 
  • If Stress is affecting your business or personal life? Contact Christine for  or call 314-750-6876 or 256-508-4723

  • ANCC has approved Nursing Continuing Education Credits for many of the trainings.