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The Brain Train-Part 6

 Integrative Stress Solutions

There are many ways to access the your body-mind life systems.  It can be thinking another thought or telling the truth about the situation. It can physical like holding fingers, getting something to eat to balance our blood sugar, or asking for a hug. It can be social: Talk to someone who can be a loving positive support.

The Brain Train-Part 5

 Who  or What is Driving this Train???

  The media is well aware of psychology, using it extensively (especially in advertising), to shape beliefs so you will buy their product. The media is selling a feeling you want to have, promising their product or service will deliver it.

The Brain Train-Part 4


The other part of Train the Brain is asking for help. Today we continue on with J’s story:

One day I asked John if he believed in God.  He said, “Yes”.  I asked him if thought God was powerful. John answered  ‘Yes’.  Then I asked if he would like to learn a way to have God’s power in his life.

The Brain Train-Part 3


Continued from Brain train #2

Part of my work is with children in a child psychiatric hospital.

Energy Touch Points- Plug in to Boost Immune System

The ancient art of Acupuncture sees the body as a system of energy pathways as specific and complex as your nervous system.  It identifies many points on the body that act of energy transformers and fuses.

The Brain Train - Part 2

“ Power Tools for Life, Health and Happiness”

Continued from 10/19/10

You can start noticing your body feelings, emotions and thoughts. If they do not serve you  it is time to re-train your brain.